Enertex® KNX Dual PowerSupply 1280

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2-in-1 KNX power supply, 1280 mA + 320 mA, din rail (6 SU)
The power supply KNX DUAL PowerSupply 1280 (6 SU) offers three voltage outputs: KNX output with 1280 mA, KNX output with 320 mA and a unchoked 30 V output with 320 mA. Further Features: Display, diagnostic functions and time switches.
  • 2-in-1 KNX power supply for supplying two KNX lines
  • Main line with integrated KNX choke for 1280 mA output current
  • Secondary line with integrated KNX choke for 320 mA output current
  • Additional third unchoked 30 V auxiliary voltage output for 320 mA output current with 100% overload capability
  • Separate short-circuit and overcurrent limitation for each output
  • No influence by short-circuit of one output to the others
  • High efficiency of over 90% at nominal load (efficiency before the choke)
  • Measurement of voltages, currents, power, telegram bus load, bus voltage failures and internal device temperature on KNX bus via group objects
  • Integrated bus coupling unit with (optional) KNX Data Secure communication
  • OLED display for clear indication of all important measurement and device data
  • Display of current values including time and date
  • 16 extensive time switches with 4 switching times and 4 group addresses each, including extensive logic functions, holiday calendar and astro function
  • Integrated KNX clock, buffered against power failure (power reserve approx. 36 hours)
  • Separate remote reset function (triggering bus resets via a group address) for both KNX lines
  • Bus telegram on exceeding or falling below parameterized limit values
KNX Dual PowerSupply 1280
ZIP KNX Dual PowerSupply 1280 ETS Product v1.003, 11.11.2020
ZIP KNX Dual PowerSupply 1280 Firmware v1.014, 28.03.2023 (→ Update Tool)
PDF KNX Dual PowerSupply 1280 User Manual 16.12.2021
PDF KNX Dual PowerSupply 1280 Flyer 16.10.2020
PDF KNX Dual PowerSupply 1280 Tendering documents 08.11.2023