Electrical Power Systems & Simulation

We offer

  • Dimensioning and calculation of electrical power systems according to the international standards
  • Customized simulations

Our simulation tools and services are certified by DEKRA.

Dimensioning and Planing of Electrical Power Systems

We support our customers for planing, dimensioning and calculation of electrical power systems in

  • High Voltage Systems
  • Middle Voltage Systems
  • Low Voltage Systems
  • DC Systems for all voltage ranges

We consider both IEC standard and DIN VDE standard. We can provide references for several issues.
Please ask for a list of references.

Calculation of AC and DC Short-Circuit according to IEC Standards

We calculate AC short-circuit currents according to the IEC 60909 standard or DIN VDE 0102, respectively, for low, medium and high voltage systems. Besides AC systems, we also calculate DC short-circuit currents according to IEC 61660 standard for any voltage range. Therefore, we can develop and use customized models of the electrical equipment (e.g. special short-circuit behavior or current-voltage characteristics) for time or frequency domain simulations in our simulation tool.

Dimensioning of electrical equipment

We support our customers for adequate dimensioning of electrical equipment according to the respective standards, as e.g. the dimensioning of cables acc. to DIN VDE 0298, protection devices, current and voltage transformers, transformers, generators, switchgears, et cetera. Further, we can analyze the transient behavior of each device e.g. occuring at switching operations (transformer inrush, energizing of cables, starting of motors) or due to switching power supplies.

Load flow and Power Quality

We work out load flow and power quality analysis which is adapted to our customers' needs. Studies can also have a focus as transients, motor start, transformer inrush or special studies of a interest of our customers.

Protection Coordination

We perform complete protection coordination studies. We consider all possible ANSI or IEC defined protection functions. We provide recommendations to guarantee selectivity, system stability and adequate protection of the equipment by selecting adequate voltage and current transformers, fuses, MCCBs, protection relays and their protection settings. Our scope regarding the protection coordination covers all voltage ranges from LV to HV for AC and DC systems.

Insulation Coordination IEC 60071

We offer insulation co-ordination following the standard IEC 60071. We dimension surge arrestors and calculate fast and slow transient overvoltages to verify the insulation restistance.

Transient Analysis

We perform transient stability studies. There the power system stability is analyzed under switching operations or short-circuit conditions. In the analysis we consider all controller units in the power supply system, e.g. FACTS-based controllers, generator controllers or auto-transformers.


We calculate harmonics and their propagation and allocation in power systems. We perform calculations of THD, reactive power, and additional losses and loads caused by higher harmoncis.


Customized Circuit Simulations

Besides simulations determined by international standards, we perform studies individually adapted to the needs of our customers. Here the concentration of both our know-how in power system and excellent knowledge in simulation techniques establishes an optimized consulting of our costumers.

Current Displacement

Especially at systems with high operational currents or when high frequencies or switching operations, respectively, have to be considered, the current displacement in conductors must not be neglected. Because we can consider the effects of current displacement in conductors, like skin and proximity effects, in our simulation tool, our simulation models are much closer at the reality than the usual simple models, which neglect these effects.

High Frequency Simulation

We also simulate the dynamik of electromagnetic fields. Within the framework of a scientific cooperation with Prof. h.c. Dr.-Ing. habil. R. Unbehauhen (Chair of general electrotechnology) for several years, we enhanced the established FDTD-Method to work with special simulation grids, which allow it to couple regions with a fine grid with regions of a coarse grid.

Coupled Circuit and Field Simulation

Simultaneously to electric circuits we can simulate electromagnetic fields in the vicinity of the circuits by using a coupled time-domain simulation. In this way we are able to check a layout regarding to e.g. the occurring cross-talk, grid bound disturbances or the emission of electromagnetic fields.