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Enertex® KNX PowerSupply 960³

The new KNX power supply with OLED display - All bus parameters at a glance!

With a powerful timer application for time control of blinds, light, power sockets, etc. Incl. holiday calendar, logic objects and astro function.

The power supply KNX PowerSupply960³ (6 SU) with integrated choke supplies the KNX bus with a DC voltage of 30 V DC at a current of 960 mA. In addition, the device offers two further unchoked auxiliary voltage outputs (AUX A and AUX B), each with an output current of 320 mA. Both auxiliary voltage outputs have a 100% overload capacity and can be used to supply further devices or, using additional external KNX chokes, to supply further KNX lines. Each of the three outputs has its own current limiter, which protects against short circuit and overload. The limitation is selective, so that if one output or KNX line is short-circuited, the other two outputs can continue to operate normally.

The device also has measuring and diagnostic functions. Measured values and device parameters are shown on the OLED display of the device, e.g. current, voltage and peak current with time stamp for the KNX and both auxiliary voltage outputs. Commissioning, maintenance and analysis of the KNX installation is thus significantly simplified. Further measurement and diagnostic data is made available via group objects at the bus, including the internal housing temperature, telegram rate, energy meter and the latest bus voltage failure, the latest bus voltage recovery and the latest remote reset with time stamp.

Communication via group addresses is carried out with standard KNX protocol unencrypted or encrypted with KNX Data Secure. With the help of two KNX group addresses, a separate voltage reset can be carried out for both the KNX bus and the auxiliary voltage output AUX A.

In addition, the KNX PowerSupply960³ has an integrated real-time clock with a power reserve of approx. 36 hours and can be parameterised as a KNX clock. A comprehensive time switch application with 64 switching times for max. 64 group addresses, including extensive logic functions, holiday calendar and astro function is integrated. The time switches can directly address KNX group addresses for switching, dimming, blinds, scene, colour RGB, colour HSV and heating controller's operating mode.

With its unique features, the power supply unit Enertex® KNX PowerSupply 960³ is the perfect solution for your KNX line.

  • KNX Power Supply with integrated choke for 960 mA current output
  • High efficiency of over 90% at nominal load (efficiency before the choke)
  • Two additional unchoked 30 V auxiliary voltage outputs (AUX A and AUX B) each with 320 mA current output
  • Both auxiliary voltage outputs are 100% overload capable
  • Separate short-circuit and overcurrent limitation for each output
  • No influence by short-circuit of one output to the others
  • Remote bus reset function (triggering bus reset via a group address) for KNX line
  • Separate remote AUX reset function (triggering AUX reset via a group address) for AUX A output
  • OLED display for clear indication of all important measurement and device data
  • Measurement of voltages, currents, power, telegram bus load, bus voltage failures and internal device temperature on KNX bus via group objects
  • Integrated bus coupling unit with (optional) KNX Data Secure communication
  • 16 extensive time switches with 4 switching times and 4 group addresses each, including extensive logic functions, holiday calendar and astro function
  • Integrated KNX clock, buffered against power failure (power reserve approx. 36 hours)
  • Bus telegram on exceeding or falling below parameterized limit values
  • Energy meter for energy consumption on the KNX bus
  • Configurable C14 text messages for bus status