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Enertex® SynOhr MultiSense KNX

Enertex® SynOhr MultiSense KNX

The room controller measures the temperature, humidity and color intensity. A dot-matrix can show KNX-compliant 14-byte strings. An integrated speaker outputs arbitrary audio signals, that are saved on the included microSD card (only for Premium & Standard version). T The output is triggered with a 14-byte group address, representing the file name on the microSD card.

The vocabulary of the speech recognition contains about 250 words, that do not have to be taught separately and can be parameterized with the ETS. This makes it very easy to parameterize commands as "COMPUTER, LIGHT 30 PERCENT" (wildcards as “X percent” only for Premium variant). The word order can also be changed by the user with the free software SynOhrStudio.

The central button is color-illuminated and gives visual feedback for the recognized sequence. At the edges a colored "ambient" light is installed. The brightness of the illumination can be adjusted automatically with a built-in brightness sensor or via KNX group addresses. The same applies for the display brightness. The color of the ring and ambient lighting is parameterizable (RGB). Lighting effects can be switched on or off for these elements (only for Premium & Standard version). SynOhr® MultiSense KNX is powered directly from the KNX bus and requires no external power supply. T wo touch buttons on the left and right edge of the display, as well as a button integrated in the speaker can trigger KNX telegrams (switching dimming etc.). With these buttons also the configuration of the room controller can be changed directly at the device, e.g. changing the target temperature.

  • High-quality anodized aluminum housing 
  • Room controller for heating and cooling
  • Built-in temperature and humidity sensor
  • Built-in RGBW light sensor
  • Two touch buttons and one tacile switch
  • Displaying KNX text messages and symbols
  • Front Panel RGB ring illumination (status) 
  • RGB ambient lights 
  • Fits in standard flush-mounted box
  • Contains bus coupling unit

  • Premium:
  • Voice recognition with up to 40 free configurable commands
  • Playing arbitrary audio files (WAV) from SD card
  • Freely definable colors of the luminous ring
  • Monitoring of noise levels e.g. for use as a „baby monitor“
  • Display of 28 characters with auto-scrolling on the dot matrix
  • Speech wildcard commands
  • One command „DIMMER_PERCENT“ can control in this way the
  • brightness of a KNX TM Dimmers completely
  • Master/Slave mode, if multiple SynOhr devices installed in larger rooms (Enertex® EibPC required)

  • Standard:
  • Voice recognition with up to 12 free configurable commands
  • Playing arbitrary audio files from SD card
  • Freely definable colors of the luminous ring

  • Starter:
  • Voice recognition with up to 6 free configurable commands