Enertex® KNX HV Dimmer 2000W/8x

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The Enertex® KNX HV Dimmer 2000W/8x is a dimming actuator for all dimmable 230 VAC lamps. The DIN rail mounting device offers 8 independent dimming channels with only 6 SU in the distribution box. Each channel has a dimming power of 250 W, and up to 1000 W are possible when operating 4 channels in parallel.

The dimmer uses two innovative technologies to ensure seamless, flicker-free and harmonic dimming over the entire dimming range: Lamp correction method (LKV) and low-light stabilization method (SSV). In addition, selectable dimming curves provide the freedom to set the desired dimming behavior.

The lamp correction method (LKV) detects and corrects the finest irregularities of the lamps to ensure smooth and harmonic dimming transitions. The new low-light stabilization method (SSV) ensures extremely precise and stabilized control of the lamp, perfectly synchronized with the mains frequency. The result is stable, flicker-free light, even at heavily dimmed brightness levels, where the human eye is particularly sensitive to brightness fluctuations.

With the Enertex® KNX HV Dimmer 2000W/8x, the problem of LED Ghosting is also significantly reduced. This occurs due to a small amount of electrical current, that continues to flow through the LED lights even when they are switched off. However, the high-quality driver of the new Enertex dimmer significantly reduces these currents. Lamps are therefore completely dark when switched off.

With the help of the display and the buttons, the dimmer including wiring and lamps can be tested even without a PC and ETS software. Further simplification for the installer is provided by the automated commissioning process at the touch of a button, which automatically determines the optimum dimming parameters for the lamps of a channel. Subsequent fine adjustment of these parameters is also possible via the display.

To record the energy costs for lighting, the device provides energy and cost meters for each channel via communication objects.

Furthermore, the device offers a very comprehensive ETS application, including: Time-controlled dimming, sleep and wake-up light, staircase lighting function with switch-off warning, timers, scenes, bit scenes, blocking function, extensive logic functions.

Bus communication can optionally be encrypted using KNX Data Secure.