Enertex® ENA²

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Secure remote access, network protection and telegram logger, DIN rail mount (4 SU), bus powered
Secure remote access for your mobile devices and protection for your building automation against fraudulent access of local devices. The integrated telegram logger stores all telegrams into an integrated database. Visualize and analyze the telegrams directly in your web browser.
  • Secure remote access for your local network – Cloud-free
    End-to-end encrypted connection between mobile device and ENA²
  • Forward remote access via Enertex relay server to connect to your local network, works with any internet provider (IPv4, IPv6, DS-Lite), no local router configuration required (optional)
  • Guided browser-based configuration on device
  • Easy-to-use user management
  • Integrated free DynDNS service
  • Integrated OpenVPN server
    • Restrict users access
    • Controllable via KNX group telegrams
    • Free client software for common operating systems (Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS)
    • VPN
    • "on demand": automatically connect to your network (iOS-only)
  • „Protected Network“
    • separate physical ethernet interfaces for your main and protected networks
    • control forwarding and filtering
    • Firewall and DHCP server
  • Recent security standards and well-known and trusted VPN software
  • KNX Telegramlogger
    • Records all KNX telegrams in internal database (~ 100.000.000 tel., depends on data type)
    • Import ETS project for data type, topology and device information
    • Easy to query and analyze telegrams on ENA² webserver
    • Show time-value charts, e.g. per hour, per day
    • Identify configuration errors, e.g., read requests without response
  • DIN rail mount (4 SU)
  • Powered by integrated bus interface
  • Power consumption 1.8 W (typical workload)
ZIP ENA² Firmware v1.011, 13.10.2023
PDF ENA² User Manual 20.01.2023
WWW ENA² Video tutorials german only
PDF ENA² Flyer 22.03.2022
PDF ENA² Tendering documents 08.11.2023