03.03.-08.03.2024 :: Light & Building in Frankfurt

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Hall 12, Booth F08

28.-30.03.2023 - Eltefa 2023

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Hall 8, Booth B12

10.08.2021 :: KNX LED Dimmsequenzer 20A/5x is available

Enertex® – Engineering with passion.

KNX LED Dimmsequenzer 20A/5x

02.10.2020 :: New Enertex EibStudio 4 - with Modbus and IoT

With the Enertex EibStudio 4, the following additional functions can now be realized:
+ Modbus TCP Master, Slave
+ Easy-to-use functions for http(s) Web-APIs (REST)

Enertex® – Engineering with passion.

EibStudio 4 training videos

26.06.2020 :: Firmware update: Enertex KNX IP Secure - now also with Timeserver and Mapper

The new, additional TP application consists of the function blocks KNX time server and mapper.
It can be operated encrypted (secure) or unencrypted independently of the IP application.

The timer synchronizes the time of the built-in real time clock via the Internet with pool.ntp.org or with another local source. This time can be output to the KNX bus as time or date telegram. In case of power failure, the device buffers the time for approx. 36 hours.

The mapper is used to translate from encrypted (secure) to unencrypted (plain) communication objects. For this purpose, the mapper provides 20 channels which establish communication bidirectionally. The data length of the corresponding communication objects can be parameterized (max. 14 bytes). Since more and more installations secure with unencrypted COs can be expected in the near future, the mapper is an ideal interface for coupling these devices.

Enertex® – Engineering with passion.


01.04.2020 :: Enertex® KNX TP Secure Coupler is available

Enertex® – Engineering with passion.

Enertex® KNX TP Secure Coupler

14.02.2020 :: new firmware for Enertex KNX 4Kanal LED Dimmsequenzer 5A

The new firmware 1.049 for Enertex dimming sequencer offers optimal load sharing

HERE you can read more

current Enertex 4Kanal LED Dimmsequenzer 5A Firmware
Enertex KNX Updatetool

08.07.2019 :: Enertex® LED PowerSupply 160 - 12V and 48V Varianten are available

Enertex® – Engineering with passion.

Enertex® LED PowerSupply 160-12
Enertex® LED PowerSupply 160-48

13.05.2019 :: Enertex® EibPC² is available

Enertex® – Engineering with passion.

Enertex® EibPC²

02.05.2019 :: New exclusive distributor in Finnland: Hedtec

Enertex signed an exlusive distribution contract for Finnland with Hedtec.
In picture CEO Dr. Schuster (Enertex) with CEO Isto Lehmusvuori (Hedtec)

18.04.2019 :: Enertex KNX IP Secure Interface is available

Enertex® – Engineering with passion

Enertex® KNX Secure Interface

16.04.2019 :: KNX Secure Webinar Featuring Enertex

KNX Secure Routers can be widely used. The webinar will show the usage as replacement for existing Routers as an example shown with the Enertex KNX IP Secure Router. Basics of KNX routing and topology setup with the ETS is taught, as well as the principle of filtering of group addressed or individually addressed telegrams. The usage of tunnelling and its basics of both the old and the new standard is shown. Last but not least the secure programming is demonstrated.

KNX Secure Webinar Featuring Enertex

20.03.2019 :: Enertex® LED PowerSupply 160-24 is „Product of the Year 2019“

Our new 24 V power supply won the first prize in the field of „electrical installation“.

08.03.2019 :: Enertex® EibStudio 4 released

Download our completely new Enertex® EibStudio 4, free of charge. All you need is an Enertex® EibPC with Options NP and V3.