Enertex® EibPC² NP

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Logic machine and visualization for the KNX Bus, DIN rail mount (4 SU), bus powered, integrated IP-Interface
The Enertex® EinPC² is a logic machine and visualization server for the KNX bus. 65,000 configurable functions allow complex control logics. With the integrated KNX interface and ethernet switch, installing the Enertex® EinPC² is fast and easy.
  • Logic machine and visualization for the KNX bus
  • Compatibility:
    Projects created for the successful Enertex® EibPC (V1) can be used without modification
  • Hardware:
    • DIN rail mount, 4 SU
    • Powerfull ARM processor for industrial applications, fast and low power DDR RAM and 8 GB flash memory
    • The integrated OLED display shows device parameters (e.g., IP-Address) and user-defined status information
    • Powered by integrated bus interface
    • Power consumption 1.8 W (typical workload)
  • KNX-based features: up to 65.000 configurable functions
    Scenes, timers, schedules, logic machine, presence simulation, logging of KNX bus traffic, long-term recording, export telegrams in plain text on FTP server, device watchdog
  • Web-based features:
    Integrated real-time webserver, encrypted remote-access, VPN-server, visualization of device status and bus telegrams, TCP/IP and UDP communication, e-mail, etc.
  • NEW Modbus TCP Master, Slave
  • NEW Easy-to-use functions for http(s) Web-APIs (REST)
  • Software: Enertex® EibStudio V4
    • Modern parametrization and visualization tool for Windows, OSX, Linux
    • Visual editor for logic and web visualization
    • Visual debugger, group monitor
    • Text-based development still supported
    • More than 1200 pre-built functions (Macros):
      Implement typical tasks: heating and cooling, shading, etc.
Please install the most recent firmware to use all functions of EibStudio.
ZIP EibPC² NP EibStudio 4.1 Windows Windows 10 64-Bit, v4.107
GZ EibPC² NP EibStudio 4.1 Linux 64 Bit, v4.107
ZIP EibPC² NP EibStudio 4.1 Mac 64 Bit, Mac OSX, v4.107
PDF EibPC² NP Manual 07.09.2020
ZIP EibPC² NP Firmware v4.107
WWW EibPC² NP Visualization Demo Username/Password: demo/demo
PDF EibPC² NP Flyer
PDF EibPC² NP Tendering documents