Enertex® KNX IP Secure Router

The KNX IP Secure Router (2 SU) is the central component of KNX systems in order to make sure, that IP communication scales up to the maximum possible security.

The device authenticates and encrypts KNX and IP telegrams. An potential IP attack, e.g. from outside (Internet) or inside (Intranet) does not see the real contents of KNX-IP telegrams. Telegram rate limitation, max. telegram lengths up to 248 bytes and bus performance up to 49 telegrams per second optimize the use of logics and visualizations.

The OLED display simplifies the diagnosis. The topology error detection and the temporary filter deactivation facilitate commissioning diagnostics.

  • Maximum performance:
    • Routing: 49 telegrams per second
    • Tunnelling: 49 telegrams per second
  • Up to eight encrypted or unencrypted KNX UDP and TCP tunnel connections
  • Integrated PLED display shows important device parameters
  • Powered directly from KNX bus
  • DIN rail mount (2 SU)
  • Repeater, line, area or world coupler
  • telegram rate limitation, tel gram length with upto 248 Bytes (TP)
  • block device programming over TP
  • Support of UDP connections with longer reponse time (1..8 s)
  • Routing Counter 7: old and new Standard can be alternated by software
  • Temporally disabling filtering function for commissioning diagnostics
  • Detection of errors of topology
  • Up to 62 group address filter
  • Buffered real-time clock and SNTP server
  • Parameterization and diagnostics functions with telnet interface
  • Display the bus voltage in OLED and Telnet