Enertex® KNXnet/IP Router

Enertex® KNX/netIP Router

The KNXnet/IP Router (3 SU) supports up to eight KNXnet/IP tunnels and can be used as line or area coupler.

It's integrated display shows the most important configuration parameters at a glance: IP address, KNX address and number of opened tunnels.

This enables fast and trouble free comissioning. The IP address of the fast ethernet connection can be set manually by ETS or automatically by DHCP or Zeroconf. Furthermore the KNXnet/IP Router has a battery buffered real time clock and offers a SNTP server. Statistics can be viewed and settings can be changed by the integrated Telnet server. The KNXnet/IP Router is fed by Power over Ethernet or an external 16-24V AC or 20-30V DC power supply.

  • Up to 48 telegrams/second routing performance
  • Up to 35 telegrams/second tunnelling performance
  • Up to five KNXnet/IP tunnel connections
  • Integrated display
  • 10/100 MBit Ethernet interface
  • Power over Ethernet or ext. 16 - 24 VAC or 20 – 30 VDC
  • Battery buffered RTC
  • SNTP server
  • Telnet server