Enertex® KNX PowerSupply 960²

The intelligent 2nd generation KNX power supply - More than just diagnostics!

The power supply unit KNXPowerSupply960 (6 SU) with integrated choke supplies the bus with a stabilized DC voltage of 30 V DC, providing a current of 960 mA.

In addition, the integrated display shows actual and maximum values for voltage, current and power. These measurements can be sent to the bus via group objects. The internally measured case temperature can also be sent to the bus. In addition, the KNXPowerSupply960² has an integrated real-time clock, which buffers the time of day in the event of a power failure for up to three days. The time signal is made available to KNX bus participants via communication objects.

Daneben ist eine umfangreiche Schaltuhr-Applikation in das Gerät integriert: 32 Schaltzeiten für max. 32 Gruppenadressen, inkl. umfangreicher Logikfunktionen, Feiertagskalender und Astrofunktion. Mit Hilfe der integrierten Osterfestberechnung können kirchliche und gesetzliche Feiertage einfach ohne Angabe eines Datums ausgewählt werden. Es lassen sich alle gebräuchlichen Gruppenadressen über die Zeitschaltuhren ansteuern: Schalten, Dimmen, Jalousie, Szene, Farbe RGB, Farbe HSV, Betriebsmodus Heizregler.

The KNXPowerSupply960² executes the bus reset via software using a KNX group address. The product comes with an “USB Garage”, which represents a repository for customer-specific project data on an including USB Stick.

With its unique features, the power supply unit Enertex® KNX PowerSupply 960² is the perfect solution for your KNX line.

  • KNX Power Supply Unit with integrated choke
  • Output current: 960 mA
  • Additional 30 V, 600 mA auxiliary voltage output (AUX)
  • Voltage input: 230 V AC (50Hz)
  • LEDs for operation, bus reset and programming mode
  • Integrated bus-connector with voltage and current measurement
  • Measurement output of voltage, current, power and internal device temperature at KNX bus via group objects
  • Display with indication of the measured data from KNX bus
  • Maximum current with time and date indicated directly on the display
  • Bus telegram for exceeding or falling below parameterized limit values
  • Energy meter for energy consumption on the KNX bus
  • The new features of version²:

  • Remote reset function: Initiate a bus reset with a KNX group address via software
  • Integrated KNX real-time clock with group address for clock and date - power-failure buffered (max. duration about 2.5 days)
  • New measurements: telegram load, bus voltage failures, AUX current
  • New limits and extreme values: telegram load, bus voltage, bus current, AUX current, power, temperature
  • Configurable C14 text messages for bus status
  • 8 full timers with up to 32 switching times for max. 32 group addresses including comprehensive logic functions, holiday calendar and astro-function