Enertex® EibPC NP

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Logic machine and visualization for the KNX Bus, DIN rail mount (6 SU), DC 20-30V
The Enertex® EinPC is a logic machine for the KNX bus. 65,000 configurable functions allow complex control logics.
  • Logic machine and visualization for the KNX bus
  • KNX-based features: up to 65.000 configurable functions
    Scenes, timers, schedules, logic machine, presence simulation, logging of bus traffic, long-term recording, export telegrams in plain text on FTP server, device watchdog
  • More than 1200 pre-built functions (Macros):
    Implement typical tasks: heating and cooling, shading, etc.
EibStudio 4 can only be used with EibPC firmware version 4.xxx. The firmware is available for free for EibPCs with options NP and V3. Read the manual for update instructions.
ZIP EibPC NP EibStudio 4 Windows Windows 10, v
GZ EibPC NP EibStudio 4 Linux Linux, v
ZIP EibPC NP Firmware 4 v-.---, requires v3.107
ZIP EibPC NP Firmware 3 v3.107
PDF EibPC NP User Manual 08.03.2019
PDF EibPC NP Flyer
PDF EibPC NP Tendering documents