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Enertex® ENA

KNX and IT are connected more closer in the smart home. The demand for protection against attacks of third parties reaches new dimensions. Often this aspect is neglected, because the electrician has to service the whole system and the security functionality significantly reduces the comfort, e.g., by cumbersome password prompts.

The solution:
Electronic network defense – ENA of Enertex® Bayern GmbH.
The perfect protection for your KNX installation and network.

  • Secure remote access to your home network
  • Simple configuration using a web browser
  • DynDNS management
  • HTTPS reverse proxies
  • OpenVPN:
    • Easy user management
    • Controllable via KNX
    • "on demand" feature with Apple iOS
  • High encryption standards:
    • 2048 bit RSA keys
    • AES-256 encryption
    • Perfect Forward Secrecy
  • 1.7 W max. power consumption
  • DIN rail mount (6 SU), 20-30V DC