Enertex® EibPC²

Enertex® EibPC - our DIN Rail Mounted PCs for the KNX bus

The EibPC is a programmable controller for the KNX system. It is characterized by ease of use, flexible customization, DIN rail mount (6 SU) and very low power consumption (1.7 W max).

In addition, this device can be integrated into an individual LAN-based automation environment. Its web server provides a simple, user-definable visualization.

Commissioning is accomplished over LAN by means of the included software Enertex® EibStudio, running on a Microsoft® Windows® or a Linux® PC. Afterwards, the LAN connection is not required for operating the Enertex® EibPC with a major part of its functionality, as it is basically an independent controller. Only web server, control of multimedia devices (UDP telegrams), time synchronisation over the internet and e-mail notification need a LAN connection.

Via an FT1.2 RS232-EIB/KNX interface or KNXnet/IP Interface (both not included), the Enertex® EibPC accesses the EIB/KNX system and records the telegrams.

  • Logic machine and visualization for the KNX bus
  • KNX-based features: up to 65.000 configurable functions
  • Scenes, timers, schedules, logic machine, presence simulation, logging of bus traffic, long-term recording, export telegrams in plain text on FTP server, device watchdog
  • Web-based features:
    Integrated real-time webserver, encrypted remote access, VPN server, visualization of device status and bus telegrams, TCP/IP and UDP communication, e-mail, etc.
  • More than 1200 pre-built functions (Macros):
    Implement typical tasks: heating and cooling, shading, etc.